The company offer a comprehensive design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of steel structures, elements of technological transport systems and industrial architecture plants.

We aim at continuous improvements of the service and products quality, and adapting our products to the client’s technical requirements in order to fully satisfy the client.

Strategic objectives of our company:

  1. Close relationship with the client, particularly continuous improvement of the flow of information, active definition of the client’s requirements.
  2. Choosing good personnel, partners and suppliers, being demanding, providing continuous training and improvement of qualifications
  3. Promoting goals and tasks (especially aimed at quality) among the personnel
  4. Market-oriented strategies, planning and management, which means striving for the company’s development, new technologies and working methods.
  5. Economic relations and performance improvement.

The objectives reflect the company’s quality policy which is put into practice by the Management by:

  1. Determining competencies and responsibilities in the scope of quality within all the stages of the organization,
  2. In Human Resources Management, striving to make every employee feel responsible for the quality and perceive the company’s success as his/her personal success, bearing in mind that today’s quality and achievement means references for future projects,
  3. Continuous market research and improvement of the services so that the company can fulfill clients’ needs and expectations,
  4. Choice of suppliers who present services that meet the company’s quality requirements
  5. Providing technical, organizational and economic measures for the achievement of quality objectives,
  6. Team problem-solving and analyzing the causes of problems in order to improve the company’s methods and effectiveness.

We manage to achieve these goals thanks to continuous improvement of quality management system which meets the international standard: EN ISO 9001:2008

The Management Board assures that the Quality Policy is maintained, understood and implemented within the whole company as well as that the measures are provided to fulfill the Policy so that all the employees can partake in achieving quality objectives.

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